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During March, I’m selling a series of 8x10 photo prints for $25 each. 

Proceeds benefit The Philos Project’s Digital Nineveh campaign, which brings computers to Iraqi Christian school students, and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, which supports refugees already in the U.S. 

Printing and shipping fees are also included, however, I can only ship to the U.S. right now! Sorry friends!

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Digital Nineveh

The digital photography featured in this campaign, which I’m calling ‘Digital Nineveh,’ come from my time in Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. 

Would you buy a print (or two or three or four)? The purchases directly support these causes. Or, if you could, please share this message with your communities. In the coming weeks, I’ll share some raffle prizes open to those who purchase a print (or send me proof of a donation) each week, and one big prize at the end of March.  

Muchas gracias for reading, and I’ll be sharing more in the coming days. But for now, the store is open! Take a look and please be sure to share this with others. Art for everyone! 

PS. Hat tip to Mat Rick for inspiring me to do my own campaign following his #20x20 effort in 2018, which supported family reunification. I’m pretty much stealing his idea. Bigger hat tip. Basically hat’s off now. Thanks Mat! 

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About the Series

The series is called ‘Digital Nineveh’ and is a visual interpretation of details, large and small, of the Holy Land. 

Each photograph focuses on a facet of the diverse mosaic that is the Holy Land, a region steeped in history and time.

All photographs were taken in the Holy Land, shot at locations in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories in 2017 and 2018.

All prints are signed by the photographer (me!) and professionally (and personally) handled and printed on premium acid- and lignin-free matte paper that is water and light resistant.  Prints are unmatted and unframed. I'll leave that up to your creativity!

Ooh, incentives!

As I mentioned earlier, a number of incentives (read: FREE STUFF!), including exclusive paintings and prints by other artists, books and a few other surprises, will be offered during the sale. Keep an eye out on my social media for these updates!

A number of exclusive wood-block stands are also available for purchase. A great way to display these prints on a desk, shelf or bookcase! 

What is the Philos Project?

The Philos Project is a dynamic leadership community dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. This community is centered on a growing network of city-based chapters located in North America and around the world.

Philos equips a new generation of Western Christians to support friends in the region who share the vision for pluralism. Educational resources, immersive travel programs, and networking and advocacy opportunities help Christian leaders understand and engage with important Middle East issues and support innovative projects that help advance liberty and justice on the ground.

What is The Digital Nineveh campaign?

In less than 13 years, the indigenous Christian population of Iraq of 1.5 million diminished to just 250,000.  Iraqi Christians (Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriacs), who are indigenous to the land, have now been displaced worldwide as refugees. Those who remain in Iraq, primarily concentrated in the Nineveh Plain, are fighting daily to regain control of their lives and maintain their ancient cultural heritage in the region.

Education is one of the greatest needs of Christians who are still living in Iraq today. Due to financial constraints, Christian students are deprived of appropriate educational resources and technology such as computers. The Philos Project’s advocacy campaign, Digital Nineveh, seeks to raise $25,000 USD to provide much needed computer labs for Christian schools in northern Iraq. It is the campaign’s objective to not only support these students who had to endure tremendous hardship, but also to promote change and pave the path for a brighter future. The goal of the campaign is to provide 50 new computers (at least!) to 5 Iraqi Christian schools that serve more than 650 students a year.

This campaign is important to me because computer literacy was key to my future as a multimedia storyteller. Thanks to the efforts of my parents, I learned how to use computers at a very young age. I fell in love with media and technology, leading me to work in the media industries as I do today. 

Why Refugees?

I wouldn't know it, but this program would become important to me because a series of encounters with friends. 

One would tell me of how he arrived to the U.S. with this family, by way of Germany, after fleeing violence in Bosnia. His family would eventually be sponsored by Catholic Charities and make a life in the Midwest. 

Another friend would find herself assisting several refugee families at her church. They asked her where they could buy Arabic foods, an Arabic-English dictionary, and how to navigate Houston's insane multi-lane city streets to find the bus stop. Houston is a confusing place, even for this almost-native Texan. 

As the son of immigrant parents, bringing hope, help and dignity to those who have come to U.S. soil seeking a better life is part of my ethos. 

Due to its low cost of living, location, generally friendly climate, Houston has become the number one relocation center for refugees in the nation. 

During my travels around the world as a pilgrim and a tourist, I have been met by the kindness of strangers. I am motivated by their generosity to share the same empathy and service to those now in my hometown.

What is the Refugee Services program of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston?

In helping to create a home-away-from-home, the Refugee Services program assists government-approved refugees in becoming self-sufficient through cultural orientation, job development, family reunification and resettlement. 

This free program helps newcomers approved by the federal government in securing housing, food, clothing and other necessities, accessing experienced social workers, gaining jobs, life and language skills, and otherwise assimilating into Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city.


March 11

The store is open! Please share with your friends and buy a print or two. Or 22. 

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